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What is a KDChi?

A KDChi knows what she wants and has the dedication to make it happen. A KDChi has the leadership to influence all those around her for a specific cause. A KDChi has intelligence, not only scholastically, but ethically to do what is right when no one is looking. A KDChi has confidence to be sure of herself and not belittle others. A KDChi has grace when entering a room and illuminating it and those around her. A KDChi has the heart with passion to make all the difference. Heart to show love for others and serve her communities selflessly.

Why KDChi?

  • Sisterhood and lifelong friendships. We live by the motto: "It's not 4 years, it's 4 life!"

  • Memories thru sisterhood retreats, outings, presentations, showcases, strolling, and much more!

  • Network that spans across the nation. (Closest chapters include SMU, UNT, UNT Dallas, UTA. and TCU)

  • A group of womxn that are serious and dedicated to serving their surrounding community while creating bonds.

  • Kappa Delta Chi has a ZERO tolerance for hazing.

Requirements for Joining

  • Full-Time Student (non first-term freshman)

  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 to join.

  • Cannot be a current member of a non-academic, non-professional or non-honorary sorority.

  • Eligible to apply with less than full-time hours with permission/extenuating circumstances.

  • Graduate school students and/or graduated professionals can rush KDChi through the Dallas Alumnae Chapter. 

Kappa Delta Chi recruits at the beginning of every Fall and Spring Semester by holding recruitment events for interested students. This way interested students can get an idea of who we are and learn what Kappa Delta Chi is all about. Check out our Social Medias for more Recruitment details.

Rosebud Program

Our Rosebud Program is designated for interested women who may have missed out on rush or who are unsure of Greek life. It is a way to stay in contact with our sisters while not having to go through the rush process yet. You can see if we are a right fit for you while in a supportive environment. You will be paired with a sister who will serve as a mentor for you as you navigate college life and also learn more about what KDChi stands for.

If you are interested in joining KDChi or have any questions, please contact our Expansion Chair at

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